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A not-so-secret journal of the ultimate gift of God we call life.

Having strong personality

I know I’m not the only one who has a strong personality. People tend to misconceive that people who look fearless can never fail, will never break down, and will always be the bad ones. It’s hard to live in the world. One fact people must accept. If you grew up to be independent and…

From afar

I first saw him on the 1st day of enrollment in college. I was never a fan of love at first sight but I admit, he’s attractive to me and he looks different, in a good way. I failed to have the chance to at least talk to him. He was 10-15 people away from…

The Christmas before and now

Christmas is the season of giving. This is what all the people especially here in our country used to say. There are exchange gifts, gift giving, completing 9 masses of advent, Christmas parties, and of course the Noche Buena. I looked at it as the most magical season. Back when I was a kid, we…

Let’s talk about life, shall we?